Elegant and simple knot necklaces


To make a T-shirt yarn necklace you don´t need to know advanced techniques of macrame or crochet because weaving the strips of fabric with simple knots you can create elegant, funny and modern necklaces. The keys to make these original and easy designs are combining colors, connecting various sections of weaved T-shirt yarn and adding a chain or a clasp.

Necklaces with knotted fabric strips


The design we show in the cover photo was made by dona.tuttogratis, and this red necklace is a design you can find in alittlemarket.


This model in blue, white and ochre is from paperblog, it is made with the same easy technique: various fabric strips with simple knots joined to a chain or clasp.


This black design is another model of a simple knot necklace found in alittlemarket, in this case with a craft clasp; this model is ideal to combine with a T-shirt yarn brooch for kimonos.

You can be inspired by these models to make a necklace using T-shirt yarn, my recommendation is that you must be careful when making the knots to make it look neat and combine various lengths of knotted fabric strips to achieve an unique look.

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