Elegant and fun t-shirt yarn cushions (models and techniques)


There´s nothing more decorative and useful than a fabric woven cushion in the living room or bedroom. And if you think about it these elegant models are cheap to make because you´ll use only one coil of T-shirt yarn and using a crochet hook or 2 knitting needles you can make any of these original models of cushions for your home.

T-shirt yarn cushions

The black cushion in the cover photo by hemmaihelsingfors has been made with a straight fabric. But changing the color you can create a very different model that combine with the colors of your room. You can also decorate other models of cushions with fabric strips.


Montevcmesmo crocheted cushions

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Here we have an original and cheerful design that represents a flower. A beautiful and very decorative set to decorate with flowers your sofa or bed.


Flower cushions by Diariodonordeste

You can always make an unfilled cushion for a chair like this model in black on white with fringes. You can make it with the same technique as the used to create a Hand sewn braided mat (it´s very easy to make).

9-624x935Chair cover by lebenslustiger

About shapes, designs and colors of cushions there are no limits to creativity. I love these coruja’s cushions with a simple and beautiful design and also the round ones made in 3 colors of fabric. All of them look great!


Funny cushions by intsu.vuodatus

Make a set of cushions using red, green and yellow fabric strips, this way you´ll get a colorful and energetic set to decorate.


Colorful cushions from elblogdedmc


Elegant cushions in fabric by yarnfreak-blog


There are many ways to make woven cushions with fabric and everyone can learn to make them using the most diverse techniques. And here you´ll see some of them. You can access the instructions by clicking on each link.

Pouf (single crochet)

How to make a fringed cushion

Make a cushion without knitting

Ways to make t-shirt yarn cushions

Decorate cushions with fabric strips


Woven cushion by sirimi.vuodatus


An original cushion model by marutska

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Images: trapillo

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