Eilentein’s pet nest


This is a special project for all of you who have a kitten that -like all the kittens- likes to sleep curled up in a nest of cushions or blankets. These images of the nest for pets made by Eilentein has gone around the world, because it’s a beautiful creation in t-shirt yarn and you can see at first sight that this kitten feels in paradise.

This is one of the tutorials that I liked the most and that will surely delight my kitten Marple (our friends who, besides being cats lovers, love Agatha Christie’s novels will understand why this name for a very curious old cat, who puts his little nose in everything).

Let’s see where you can find the step by step to make the pet nest in crochet XL.

Pet house in crochet

To make this pet crochet house you’ll need a little more than 1kg of t-shirt yarn and a crochet hook (nº 8).

With this scheme you can make a nest that is 37 centimeters in diameter, 20 in height and with an 11 centimeters door.


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I love this tutorial, because I realize how nice it can be for our pets to have a knitted nest. As it will be woven with a tight and resistant fabric your pet will be able to scratch it, and you can put it in the washing machine to keep it clean and that doesn’t alter the color.

Scheme for weaving the nest for pets

The instructions for weaving the nest in t-shirt yarn can be found in the original tutorial page, by clicking on this link: Eilentein

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Images: trapillo

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