Easy handbag with chain handles (step by step)


For all you who are anxious for an easy and nice bag that doesn’t require experience with crochet, this is an ideal project. The chain handle that is placed at the end of the fabric facilitates the work making it easy to follow the step by step for the t-shirt yarn bag.

This is a great way to start making our own recycled fabric bags and practice the basic XXL crochet stitches.

Easy crochet t-shirt yarn bag

The materials you’ll need to make this crochet bag are: approximately 1 kilo of t-shirt yarn (depends on the measurement of the bag), a metal chain handle, two rings to fit the handle, 1 metal clasp (to decorate the front loop), glue (to fit the clasp) and a #10 crochet hook.

The bag of this tutorial measures 30 x 15 centimeters.


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Begin by weaving a chain of approximately 25 cm and continue in sc, do 3 turns and close. In this way you’ll weave the base.


To do the top start passing the needle through the front of the points of the previous lap, always making sc, and when you reach the height needed, make a lap with sc in each cycle.


Then place the rings to place the handle and finished making the front decoration with a loop and a piece of metal adhering them with glue.


If you want to see more images and more instructions to make this bag enter in the following link: Step by step of the T-shirt yarn bag


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