Double triple crochet

The double triple crochet stitch you´ll learn in this article is very similar to the double double crochet stitch. It’s represented by the letters dtr (double triple crochet).

How to make a double triple crochet

1. As always, a chain stitch should be worked as long as it takes to start the other stitches. It must be taken into account that to the chain stitches that are made, 5 more chains must be added to be able to make the turn.

2. To start the stitch, you should make 3 loops on the needle and then pass the needle through the sixth chain stitch. After passing it you should have 5 stitches on the needle.


3. Then you must take another loop and pass it inside two of the 5 stitches that you had. You should now have 4.


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4. Take another loop and thread it through two of the stitches. You should have 3 left on the needle.

5. Make another loop and repeat the procedure from the previous steps. Must remain 2 stitches on the needle.

6. Finally, loop a loop and thread it through all the remaining stitches.

To make a new double triple crochet, you must start in the next chain -that is in number 7- it’is not necessary that you leave 6 chains as in the first.

When you turn the work to start a new round, you should knit 5 chain stitches that are equivalent to the height of the double triple crochet. You should not start precisely in the first chain stitch, but in what would be number 2.

Continue following steps 2 through 6 for all of the weaving.

Check outh this video to see in more detail how to make the double triple crochet.

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