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In this post we are going to share a super original project, easy to make and full of color. It’s a decorative plate to hang in a wall made with fabric. It’s a great carft to use all the leftover fabric that we store in our house because the more colors we use in this work, the better!

This is an excellent idea from szymczaks blog, where a young mother tells us how she encouraged her children to do the work themselves. It’s really simple and an excellent way to spread our creativity to the little ones.

To make this project we’ll need a plastic or thick cardboard plate, a brush, glue and all the remains of fabric that we have.

An important fact to keep in mind is that the plate must be made of one of the lightweight materials that we have named. As it’s a wall ornament it runs the risk of falling, so in order that nobody gets hurt it’s better to avoid the common dishes that we use to eat.


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Talking about fabric let’s take a look at this excellent resource: it’s a drawer where the leftover strips from other projects have been kept. By accumulating the remains of fabric, we’ll have a treasure for future works.


And now, let’s get started! First spread a little glue in the center of the plate, and from there stick the strips in a circular way as if you wanted to create a snail.


It’s better to add glue to the plate as the circle grows to prevent it from drying before we get to adhere the strips. When we run out of a strip of one color, we can continue with another of a totally different shade. Thus the result will be much more striking.

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