Decorate cushions with fabric strips

Decorate cushions with fabric strips

There are so many ways to make recycled fabric cushions like this one in the cover photo that was made by ornedefeuilles, but you can also decorate with braids, fringes, flowers or other figures made with T-shirt yarn cushions that you have already in your home.

Today we are going to see how to decorate cushions using T-shirt yarn or fabric strips.

Decorate cushions with T-shirt yarn

If you haven`t made the cushion yet and want to decorate it with recycled fabric you can add fringes in one side before you sew it. To make it you have to put both sides of the cushion’s cover in front of each other, attach the strips inside, sew it and then turn around the cover to finish the cushion (as seen in the picture below).




Another way to decorate cushions with recycled fabric is to make braids and sew them in the cushion making forms, here we have some models created with this technique.



In this blog you have seen various ideas to make cushions with T-shirt yarn, like this design with fringes that you can learn to make just checking How to make a fringed cushion


A simple but great idea is to make holes in the fabric and pass the fabric strip through them to form a design, for example this heart.


If you want to learn more ideas to decorate cushions, visit Ways to make T-shirt yarn cushions

Images: ornedefeuilles, sublotblog

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