Cute T-Shirt yarn shoes: comfortable and easy!

Cute T-Shirt yarn shoes comfortable and easy

In previous posts we have shown you how to make shoes with T-Shirt yarn, and today we will share a simple procedure to make this padded pair of sandals, for use at home or to take to the beach or spa. The technique is performed on the basis of fabric sewn braids and the result is truly beautiful.

T-Shirt yarn shoes

To make these T-Shirt yarn shoes start with fabric strips of 2 or 3 cms which come together in a long braid. Then make two smaller braids, those are going to go on top of the shoe.



To shape the shoe start wrapping the braid into a short length (see the image of the insole of the shoe) and then extend back to the front, so the front is a little wider than the rear. Finish sewing the braid to the template and finally sew the small braids, finishing them off with little knot or bow to link them to the upper strips (which forms the “X”).


In this way we ended this simple model of shoes with fabric strips, perfect for use at home, to take to the beach or spa.

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