Crochet Stitches: Chain Stitch


The first thing you need to learn crochet is to master the chain stitch, which is the simplest of all and from which any crochet project begin with. You’ll find this stitch represented in magazines and crochet instructions with the letter ch.

Chain stitch

1. To start making a chain, you must first make a slip knot that looks like the one in the image. First you make the “ear” shape and then with the needle pull the strand of thread through the one you’ve already made. You should pull it and adjust it to the size of the crochet needle so that your stitch is not loose.


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2. Now, leave the needle inside the hole of the knot you’ve made, pull the thread with it through the hole. Technically, it’s called making a loop.


3. In this step, the needle is no longer inside the hole of the knot but inside the loop. You must pass the loop again through the stitch you’ve made in the previous step.


If the instructions say, for example, that you should make eight chain stitches, you should pass the loop through the hole eight times. Be careful so that the stitch is not too narrow or too loose, because when you start to learn and use the other stitches, at the beginning you must insert the needle in the chain stitches that you’ve already made.

Repeat the second step until the chain is as long as you need it.

In the following video you can see in detail how you should make the slip knot to start making the chain stitch and how you should knit this stitch so that you can start your knitting without problem. The success of your crochet project depends on the way you make the first stitch or chain stitch. Click here to watch the video.

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