Crochet step by step: double crochet


Starting with a chain, today you’ll learn how to make the double crochet stitch, one of the foundations of crochet. With thick fabric and an XL crochet needle you can start practicing double crochet stitches, which can be started from a chain to make a square or rectangular fabric, or from a round base or magic ring for round fabrics.

How to make the double crochet stitch

Start with a chain with the amount of stitches you need plus 3 chains to go up. Then make a loop.


Then pick at the 5th point counting from the needle.


Pass the needle.


Make another loop.


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And that way you get the stitch. At this moment you have 3 stitches left in the needle as you can see in the following image.


Then make another loop again.


And you got 2 stitches.


Now you have 2 stitches left on the needle.


Make another loop.


And get the 2 stitches. In this way you can make the first double crochet stitch. Then repeat by punching stitch by stitch or making chains and double crochet to make the weave.

At the end of the round, turn the fabric and make 3 chains to go up, then pick at the 2nd stitch and continue.


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Images: trapillo

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