Crochet bags schemes

Crochet bags schemes

If you want to make a crochet bag with T-shirt yarn you will need patterns and ideas to inspire yourself, so, today we are going to help you by sharing some models of crochet bags and the schemes to make them.

Crochet bags schemes


To make this gorgeous blue and yellow bag enter in Isadora’s blog to see the full tutorial.


Dukesandduchesses shares the step by step to make this striking orange bag.


If you want to make a delicate bag, follow the instructions tangledhappy shares with us. In this blog, you can find several schemes to make crochet bags with T-shirt yarn, like this model in turquoise.


These are just a few options to make crochet bags with fabric strips. If you want to see other models, visit: Pattern for a T-shirt yarn bag with imitation jewelry and An easy way to make a T-shirt yarn bag

To know about measurements and other tips to make T-shirt yarn bags check How to make T-shirt yarn bags (measures, techniques and ideas).

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