Craft ideas with T-shirt yarn


Handcrafting with t-shirt yarn supports a wide variety of techniques such as crochet, two-needle weaving, loom and macramé braiding, but there are still many more ideas to create with recycled fabric. For example, with wooden beads you can make these key rings with dolls to give away or make simple decorations for your house.

Crafts with t-shirt yarn

For indoor plants lovers this is a perfect craft to make with t-shirt yarn: make hanging flowerpots with macramé stitches or simple knots. A work that can be varied based on the creativity of each one, the type of pots used, the amount of t-shirt yarn you have, etc.


With an old wire basket you can make a lamp, an double recycling idea that Tulaoshi teaches how to make. To do this, pass the trolleys through the grid of the basket wrapping it and then cut with pliers in the base to make a space through which to pass the socket.

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Thinking about making crafts with t-shirt yarn for next winter? Here we have an easy, useful and very beautiful idea: to cover the handles of teapots and other kitchen implements with strips of t-shirt yarn, so you can make a warm and decorative tea or coffee set.


It’s not necessary to be an expert of macrame to make a curtain with strips of cloth and the procedure -as you have seen in the article Macrame Curtains with Fabric Strips is quite simple, especially if you calculate in advance the length of the fabric strips which you must fasten to the stick.


Did you like these craft ideas? Hope so!

If you know more crafts with t-shirt yarn and want to share them with us, go ahead! Help us create gifts, ornaments and useful objects for our house with t-shirt yarn.

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