“Corn kernel”: an original stitch to work with T-shirt yarn


With today’s tutorial you will be able to learn how to make wallets, bags or cases only using recycled fabric and burlap. With the corn kernel stitch you can achieve a weave with a beautiful texture, as you can see in the cover image.

This is an easy step by step which you can learn to make T-shirt yarn bags and other kinds of accessories. This is an original technique, very different from the ones we have already shown you in T-shirtyarn.com http://t-shirtyarn.com/blog/

Stitch to work with recycled fabric and burlap

To make this stitch you will need T-shirt yarn, a crochet hook and burlap; but the idea is not to weave but to use the crochet hook to pass the fabric strips through the burlap.

With this method you can make a variety of accessories like bags and rugs among others.


This stitch gives a different aspect to the accessories made with T-shirt yarn, because it creates an effect looking like tiny fabric balls that forms a gorgeous final result.



You make this stitch by cutting the burlap’s base and passing the fabric strips through the holes with the crochet hook, and then you make a loop and continue passing the fabric strips.

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