Clothing with T-Shirt yarn and recycled fabrics

Clothing with T-Shirt yarn and recycled fabrics

Clothes in crochet are always in fashion, but T-Shirt yarn clothing and ornaments with fabric strips are the present in fashion.

Yes, you can decorate garments with T-Shirt yarn, but -like bags- clothes also can be made with crochet or macrame. Let’s have a look at some ideas and videos for T-Shirt yarn garments.

Clothing with T-Shirt yarn

As noted in the cover image, with T-Shirt yarn you can make a top. This is just one model, but there are many possibilities for creating clothing with this material.


This is a renewed shirt. They’ve made it with the same fabric of the shirt’s back. It is an inspiring model, because with T-Shirt yarn you can achieve these twisted shapes to refurbish old shirts and make modern tops for summer.


A simple idea that is very nice is to make holes in the fabric and hang T-Shirt yarn as a detail in the garments, as you can see in this gray and yellow shirt.


You can learn how to make this recycled fabric skirt in this video from youtube: recycled fabric skirt



An ornament is made with recycled fabric in this model from KayLinDesign. This was made with strips of fabric and woven macrame.


In this modern and casual dress, strips of cloth are the main details because they are attached with metal rings on a shoulder. This is a nice idea to decorate a simple dress and also very simple to make.


Not only women garments can be decorated with T-Shirt yarn. Here we see that the hood of this young man has a detail in this material, plus various fabrics and ornaments.


Here we have another idea to form a fabric back with macramé, you can watch this model in this video.

With T-Shirt yarn you can renew clothes and also make original and very beautiful models of clothing for summer.

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