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T-shirt yarn with special fabric


The new T-shirt yarn with special fabric are rolls made of subtle and light fabrics such as tulle, panty, gauze or netlets; ideal for fine and delicate craft creations or projects in which you need to use a different, special fabric.

These new recycled fabric rolls come with 130 to 150 meters of fabric and have an ethereal texture, perfect for original and personalized creations made with recycled fabric.

Check out what a beautiful look, texture and colors have the new rolls of T-shirt yarn with special fabrics by clicking on this link to our online store.


Ecological advantages of textile recycling


Recycling fabrics provide a use of these materials that otherwise would exacerbate the environmental problem of waste. Furthermore, it is a shame not to take advantage of this material since T-Shirt yarn is made with the excess of fabric coils.


Textile recycling has many advantages. The estimated annual textile consumption is 10 kg per person and this figure is equal to the waste material, if we add the excess of the factories the volume is huge, so you have to keep in mind that T-Shirt yarn, the thread recycling and recycling of clothes in general is a creative addition to a commitment to creating environmentally friendly materials. Continue reading

What is T-Shirt Yarn?


T-Shirt yarn is recycled fabric, and there are two types:

  • T-Shirt yarn done at home by recycling t-shirts.
  • T-Shirt yarn you can buy in textile factories (from recycled material).

Both t-shirt yarns are recycled fabric, but the yarn you can find in textile factories -that comes in rolls– are strips of cloth that are ideal for knitting or doing crochet. With a roll of t-shirt yarn you can create the most diverse crafts: jewelry, accessories, clothing, home furnishings, utilities, handmade toys, and so on. Continue reading our products


Hello everyone. Today, we are going to introduce you to our products and invite you to visit our virtual store

In this video, Aquilino (manager of the virtual store) explains the features of the main products we offer and some of the manual projects you can achieve with these materials.

In you will be able to find:

  • Fabric rolls.
  • Recycled thread.
  • Cotton cord.

Hope you enjoy it and start working in this interesting world of creativity.

recycled thread bag

Hello everyone and welcome to our new blog

We want to create a unique blog where you can find information about yarn and crochet XL.

We are going to bring you new items and ideas that you can implement in your creations, as well as take the opportunity to introduce you our new products. creation has been our newest and exciting project, and we are looking forward to it with great expectation.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible.