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Ideas to recycle dress sacks


Old dress sacks can be reused to make new creations with the recycled fabric, as there are many projects in which these pieces play a fundamental role. Today we’re going to give you some ideas to recycle dress sacks, so start collecting these pieces of clothes whether you get them inherited from your relatives or in second-hand stores. Continue reading


Fabric Recycling Facts


We agree that today the use of recycled fabric has spread throughout the world and not only as a movement that includes the use of this material to carry out manual projects but also as part of the awareness that more and more society is assuming in terms of recycling to conserve the environment. Continue reading


Jean bag for rackets


Today we are going to bring you another awesome idea so that you can recycle those jeans that you no longer use and give them a new life. Recycled fabric is a great ally when it comes to crafts and in this case, you’ll be able to show off your sewing skills to make this jean bag for rackets. Continue reading


Patchwork: recycled fabric tablecloth


An original and beautiful way to use recycled fabric is to join various textures and colors to create a new object. In today’s post we are going to share with you how to make a recycled fabric tablecloth in which we join scraps of jean and cotton fabric in order to achieve a functional and decorative object with lots of color. Continue reading


Recycling: how to make pet blankets


Our faithful companions deserve all the love and care we can give them, and providing them with a warm space to rest is a good way to pamper them while also using old t-shirts or other types of recycled fabric that would otherwise end up in the trash. That’s why today we’ll see how to make pet blankets from recycled fabric. Continue reading


Recycling: make coasters with jean pockets

Reciclaje-posavasos-con-bolsillos-de-jeanIf you have jeans you no longer wear (or you can find them very cheaply in second-hand stores) you can use them as a material to work with recycled fabric since there are an infinite number of projects that you can do with this type of fabric. And when you work with jeans, the leftovers are usually the pockets, in today’s project we’ll see how to recycle jeans pockets to transform them into coasters in a few steps. Continue reading


Recycling: idea to renew a t-shirt


Renovate garments is ideal to give a new life to those pieces that you no longer use and at the same time recycle fabric, because using only scraps and strips of fabric you can transform any type of clothing. Today we are going to share a great idea to renew a t-shirt so easily that you probably will redecorate more than one of your clothes. Continue reading


Recover old chairs using recycled fabric

recuperar-sillas-viejas-con-tela-reciclada-6-226x300Chairs are among the most used objects in the house and it’s common for them to break over time. That’s why today we propose you to recover old chairs using recycled fabric so that you can use your creativity in an extremely useful project, which will save you money and give a personalized touch to your furniture. Continue reading


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