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How to make a Mayan loom


A few days ago in our blog we shared how to use the Mayan loom to weave with t-shirt yarn and today you’ll see how to make this type of loom. With a Mayan loom you can make a large variety of beautiful and original weaving. Take some basic carpentry materials and tools (like board, nails, a saw) in order to make your own loom to put into practice the stitches you have learned. Continue reading

Homemade cardboard loom for T-shirt yarn

Homemade cardboard loom for T-shirt yarn

Using cardboard you can make a loom to work with T-shirt yarn. With this loom you can make several crafts, like the coasters in the cover image, tablecloths and other objects, depending of the loom size.

This is an easy project with a great result that allows you to recycle cardboard and use it to work with recycled fabric. Continue reading

Homemade loom for T-Shirt yarn

Homemade loom for T-Shirt yarn

Today we are going to show you how to make a homemade loom to work with T-Shirt yarn, an ideal implement to make a variety of woven accessories.

With this loom you will be able to make scarfs, rugs, mats and other fabric crafts; this is possible because you can vary the measure of the loom to adjust it.

This is a very good idea to keep in mind when you are going to knit with T-Shirt yarn, because it is very easy. Continue reading

Warp yarn, recycled fabric frame


A technique for working with recycled fabric is the loom, and with it you can make all kinds of tissues like these wipes we are going to see in this tutorial. These looms can be purchased, but also can be made by hand with a cardboard or with a table and brads. Look how cute is this way of doing crafts with fabric strips that alphamom show us in this work for Earth Day. Continue reading