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How to make non-knitted fabric cushions

almohadon-trapillo-facilSewing the strips of fabric you can make a very nice textured piece to decorate and with it you can make several decorative projects for your house, like cushions. If you already have fabric cushions you can also decorate them. Today you’ll see several ideas to make cushions or decorate them using fabric and without any crochet involved.
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Simple projects with t-shirt yarn


When we say simple projects with t-shirt yarn we refer to the execution time, because when you make a rug, a blanket or a curtain you probably will spend several days (or months) weaving; but there are easy t-shirt yarn projects that you can make in a day like pompoms to decorate bottles, small ornaments or the creative ideas to renew the utilities of your home. Continue reading

Baby accessories made with T-shirt yarn


When thinking about using t-shirt yarn to make a gift to a baby the first thing that comes to mind is a rug, because it can be washed and the child can lie on a hygienic and soft surface to play or learn to crawl. But there are many more uses for the t-shirt yarn when you want to create for children, and today you’ll see some ideas that can be useful to weave with t-shirt yarn for babies. Continue reading

“Corn kernel”: an original stitch to work with T-shirt yarn


With today’s tutorial you will be able to learn how to make wallets, bags or cases only using recycled fabric and burlap. With the corn kernel stitch you can achieve a weave with a beautiful texture, as you can see in the cover image. Continue reading

Recycled fabric wedding souvenirs

Recycled fabric wedding souvenirs

A simple, beautiful and original idea to make wedding souvenirs with recycled fabric is the one presented by orkideaatelier which combines fabric, thread and ribbon in order to make the hearts in the cover photo. To make them you have to roll the fabric strips forming a heart and decorate it with a bow, with these pieces you can decorate boxes or cards. Continue reading

Macrame curtains with fabric strips

Macrame curtains with fabric strips

With T-shirt yarn you can make different types of curtains, because you can use any scheme with macrame knots to make a curtain with fabric strips. In this way you can make curtains to decorate windows, doors or separate the rooms in the house.

To make a T-shirt yarn curtain is very simple. Start cutting the strips and knot them in a pole, then, you continue making macrame knots to give form to the curtain. Continue reading

10 practical objects to make with T-shirt yarn

10 practical objects to make with T-shirt yarn

Why using a common towel when you can make one with T-shirt yarn and use it as a practical and decorative object?

You have seen that with T-shirt yarn several objects can be made, like, jewelry, accessories and decorative objects like baskets and rugs. But other uses include braiding fabric strips to make practical objects to help in home tasks and the same time decor our home. Continue reading

Braid of 5 strips

Braid of 5 strips

With fabric strips you can make beautiful braids of 3 and 4 strips, but if you want to make a statement you should try to make a braid with 5 strips of fabric; for example, you can use a large braid of 5 strips as a belt for a photo camera, and this idea was made by spoolandspoonblog that bring us an easy tutorial to make this braid.

This kind of braids can have multiple uses, for example: diadems, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Continue reading