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Decorate a headband with felt and T-shirt yarn


Today we’ll learn how to make an original accessory using some pieces of felt and strips of fabric in different colors and of course, we can customize it with combinations of fabric that we like the most. An ingenious, simple and modern idea to achieve in a few minutes a modern accessory just using recycled fabric. Continue reading


Quick DIY: gifts made with fabric


A gift made with recycled fabric will always be well received because the final result is unique and beautiful, no matter how small it is. Don´t worry if you don´t have time to make a big project because today we are going to help you to get some inspiration by these t-shirt yarn small creations to give away. Check out these ideas because I’m sure they will be useful! Continue reading


How to make a round braid with T-shirt yarn


A 4-strip round braid made with the fingers is a very useful way to make costume jewelry, key chains and other varied crafts with t-shirt yarn. We can make it using one, two, three or four colors so we can make various braids with the same technique and different looks. Continue reading


Make buttons with fabric strips for garments and bags


A while ago on our blog we saw how to make kimono-style fabric buttons but there are many more ways to close garments and bags with ties, knots or buttons made with fabric strips.

In the cover photo you can see one of these ways of making buttons which you can learn to make by sewing the fabric to a twine. In this way you can make buttons with knots, buttons with shapes and also decorations for bags. Continue reading


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Original ideas to decorate with t-shirt yarn

ideas-trapilloThese quilts for candles -creation of hiphergebruik– are an excellent idea to decorate with t-shirt yarn or make a special handmade gift. We have seen that with fabric strips we can make many decorations for our house and today we’ll see original ideas to use t-shirt yarn to make ornaments, utilities and decorative complements.

Ideas to decorate with t-shirt yarn

This is a very ingenious idea that we found in koukutettu. The idea is to make chains or braids and then form words or messages that adhere on a panel. A special way to convey a warm message and at the same time decorate our house.



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I’m sure the plant lovers have already made fabric pots with the models we have seen in T-shirt yarn flower pots.

But we can also make hanging pots with strips of fabric, like these models that share ajjan (the orange hanging pot) and designsponge (the pot holder for several sherds).


12 is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

For those who have a sewing machine at home, the next idea can be useful both to decorate shower curtains and to make it on other decorative fabrics, such as curtains.

All you have is to make a drawing on the fabric and then sewing the strips of fabric slightly gathered, forming a ruffled one. The result is very nice, and we can do it relatively easily. This is an idea of liveinternet to take into account to make an original decoration with fabric.


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