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Step by step grid bag by Dedri Uys


Dedri Uys has created these beautiful and colorful XL crochet handbags and very kindly shares the step by step to make them. It’s a very original design of a grid bag, decorated with a woven flower. Let’s see where to find the tutorial to follow the step by step and make our own recycled fabric bag. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn schemes: practical woven organizers


It’s essential to have in your house organizers and baskets to store objects, for example, fabric bags for clothes that you have to wash. These bags are perfect for that purpose as they can be hung anywhere and are also decorative. In addition to this utility, you can use them as organizers of objects, for example, to save the scrolls and everything you want to keep organized in one place. Continue reading

Patterns of woven bags


I have fallen in love with this “African Flower” crochet bag made by craftpassion and I’m sure many of you will agree that it’s a beautiful model. Fortunately you can make it, because it’s one of the patterns of crocheted handbags and handbags woven with two needles we’ll see today. Continue reading

How to make T-shirt yarn bags (measures, techniques and ideas)

How to make T-shirt yarn bags (measures, techniques and ideas)

To make a T-shirt yarn bag you will need a 1 Kg fabric roll, with which you can weave a bag of a 50×50 cm size. Depending on the kind of roll you can cut the fabric strips in half, because there are rolls from 0,5 to 4 cm width; so, with a fabric roll you can make a bag, and if it is a little one, sure enough you will have fabric remnants to make jewelry or other projects with recycled fabric. Continue reading

Pattern for a T-shirt yarn bag with imitation jewelry

Pattern for a T-shirt yarn bag with jewelry

In T-shirt yarn blog we have seen various kinds of bags made with recycled fabric, and today we are going to share with you a new design which includes imitation jewelry in it. It is a beautiful and elegant bag, isn´t it? So that’s why we invite you to follow tres-adorable’s instructions to make this gorgeous bag in a few steps. Continue reading

How to put hand grips in a bag

How to put hand grips in a bag

If you have in mind to make a T-shirt yarn bag you must know that there are various kinds of hand grips that you can use on it (rigid and flexible), also, you need to know that there are different ways to put them in a bag, depending on the model and material of the hand grip.

If you want to know how to put hand grips in a bag, just check this tutorial made by nellavaligiadellaburu,that explains different ways of how to put hand grips. Continue reading