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T-shirt yarn slippers


In the main photo you can see a little girl very happy with her slippers. And it’s logical  because is there something more comfortable to use at home than soft and warm fabric slippers?… I think not. Recently on our blog we shared how to make flip flops and today we are going to dedicate this article to the recycled fabric slippers. Perfect to be at home, to keep warm on cold days or to make handmade slippers to give as a gift. Continue reading

How to make an 8 fabric strips belt


You can create a belt with a stitch macramé with a braid. For this you will use 4 strips of fabric -which folded create 8 strips-. Begin to braid and -based on this tutorial- you can achieve a belt made with recycled fabric, using any plain or printed colors you like the most. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn decoration for clothes


A great idea to renew a dress or garments that you want to update is to make a decoration with t-shirt yarn combining colors and leaving fringes that look super modern. More and more you can see clothes with t-shirt yarn on the runways, and today you’ll learn to do it by renewing a dress with strips of fabric. Continue reading

Details to make T-shirt yarn sandals

Details to make T-shirt yarn sandals

These artisanal sandals are made with an ancient oriental technique that was used to make sandals with natural materials such as hemp, but today we are using a new and cheap material: fabric strips or recycled fabric.

In previous articles we shared the technique to make T-shirt yarn sandals, but now we are going to show you some details you can add to give them a good finished look and the ways you can make the upper part of the sandal. Continue reading

Clothing with T-Shirt yarn and recycled fabrics

Clothing with T-Shirt yarn and recycled fabrics

Clothes in crochet are always in fashion, but T-Shirt yarn clothing and ornaments with fabric strips are the present in fashion.

Yes, you can decorate garments with T-Shirt yarn, but -like bags- clothes also can be made with crochet or macrame. Let’s have a look at some ideas and videos for T-Shirt yarn garments. Continue reading

T-Shirt yarn wool slippers and slipper-socks

T-Shirt yarn shoes and slippers

Most people use slipper-socks to sleep with warm feet, and most use slippers to stay in the house. Today we are going to show you how to use recycled fabric to make slipper-socks, slippers and many models of sandals.

Here are some ideas, as there are many models to choose from…and you can make them for your kids or yourselves. Continue reading

Renovate shirts with recycled fabric

Renovate shirts with recycled fabric

Recycle, Reuse, Renew. The season of change is coming and old clothes have several destinations: back to the washing machine and then to the closet, to be donated, or to the recycling basket. It`s really difficult for all of us to throw away our most beloved clothes, so a good option is to give them a second chance.

Fortunately, recycling has become a fashion -which does not mean it is not also environmental awareness- so, why not take these good ideas to renovate shirts with recycled fabric? Continue reading

Cute T-Shirt yarn shoes: comfortable and easy!

Cute T-Shirt yarn shoes comfortable and easy

In previous posts we have shown you how to make shoes with T-Shirt yarn, and today we will share a simple procedure to make this padded pair of sandals, for use at home or to take to the beach or spa. The technique is performed on the basis of fabric sewn braids and the result is truly beautiful. Continue reading