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Pictures made with recycled fabric and woven tapestries


Today, we are going to share some models of tapestries made with recycled fabric that are worth enjoying, for example, the main photo which shows pictures made with recycled fabric created by Arab students. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn heart (to decorate fabrics)


This heart made of t-shirt yarn is ideal to decorate fabric bags, baskets, carpets and any other accessory made with recycled fabric. This heart made of strips of fringed fabric is very beautiful and is a detail that will give color to creations in t-shit yarn woven in crochet, with two needles or loom. Let’s see how to make this cute little heart with strips of fabric in pink, fuchsia, red or the colors you like. Continue reading

Illuminated fabric accessories


This amazing carpet with LED lights included is Hyrkäs Johanna’s design and is just one of the great ideas for decorating with illuminated fabric accessories. The light that the LED radiates through the fabric creates a fantastic, very warm and modern effect on the weave of the fabric (and other materials), becoming an innovative way to decorate your home. Continue reading

Modern ideas to decorate with XXL crochet

Modern ideas to decorate with XXL crochet

If you love to crochet and like to work with T-shirt yarn, you will love the ideas we are going to share with you today, because with XXL crochet you can make different ornaments and functional objects you can use in your house. Some of the ideas include an XXL puff, a ladybug cushion, a rug and a decorative tablecloth. Continue reading

Art recycled: T-shirt yarn animals

Art recycled Tshirt yarn animals

You can line plastic animals (or animals made of other materials) with T-shirt yarn to create artistic pieces and decorate your home. This is an original and modern idea which you can make variations in to make ornaments for home or to use in a showcase. Oliveandcocoa shares this tutorial to teach us how to make T-shirt yarn animals in an artistic way. Continue reading

Decorate cushions with fabric strips

Decorate cushions with fabric strips

There are so many ways to make recycled fabric cushions like this one in the cover photo that was made by ornedefeuilles, but you can also decorate with braids, fringes, flowers or other figures made with T-shirt yarn cushions that you have already in your home.

Today we are going to see how to decorate cushions using T-shirt yarn or fabric strips. Continue reading

Schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs

Schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs

A puff is a very practical and decorative object because you can weave them in different colors and forms. Also, you can use them in anywhere in the house, and move or stack them if you need more space. Puffs create a modern and relaxed ambient, and is better if you can make them just using T-shirt yarn.

Today we are going to share some models and schemes for T-shirt yarn puffs, you can make them in crochet or fringed. Continue reading

How to make a fringed cushion

How to make a fringed cushion

It`s really easy to make a fringed cushion, all you need is time and patience because if you want to make a big cushion you need to tie at least 2.500 fabric strips, but the result is totally worth it. You can achieve a gorgeous cushion with a very nice texture.

Justcraftyenough shows us the step by step to make a fringed cushion so you only need to follow these instructions to create an original and beautiful cushion for your home. Continue reading