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Adorable dolls made with t-shirt yarn and macrame


These beautiful little dolls that Betweenthelines shares with us are perfect to make souvenirs or key rings with t-shirt yarn. Just follow the instructions to make them in a very easy way. This is a simple way to make t-shirt yarn dolls, a friendly manual work with a very nice result. Continue reading

Make coasters with t-shirt yarn and a rack


With this procedure you can make these beautiful coasters using fabric strips, a rack, a wooden stick and a large eye needle. Craftpassion shares this technique with a fantastic tutorial. It’s a very useful step by step with a beautiful result, ideal for making decorative utilities for the home. Continue reading

Craft ideas with T-shirt yarn


Handcrafting with t-shirt yarn supports a wide variety of techniques such as crochet, two-needle weaving, loom and macramé braiding, but there are still many more ideas to create with recycled fabric. For example, with wooden beads you can make these key rings with dolls to give away or make simple decorations for your house. Continue reading

Decorate hangers with t-shirt yarn and macrame


Today we’ll show you a pretty, practical and quite simple idea to make, because using different knots of macrame you can decorate hangers with t-shirt yarn or recycled fabric. The idea is to bring color and style to metal or plastic hangers so you can modernize the wardrobe with these decorated clothes hangers. Continue reading

How to make a T-shirt yarn flower easily

How to make a T-shirt yarn flower easily

With T-shirt yarn you can make beautiful flowers in an easy way, like the gray flower with the butterfly button in the cover photo. One technique includes a loom, but today we are going to show you how to make T-shirt yarn flowers using fabric strips, a button and glue. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn crafts for kids

T-shirt yarn crafts for kids

Using T-shirt yarn the kids can have a great time making various projects and crafts, and at the same time, the parents can share a creative time teaching them how to use recycled materials for creating.

Today we are going to share with you some crafts for kids to use T-shirt yarn: a nice octopus, a pencil holder, fabric pompoms and other ideas that they will love for sure. Continue reading

Ideas for T-shirt yarn Christmas decoration

Ideas for T-shirt yarn Christmas decoration

Christmas is here and sure enough you want to decorate your house for this holiday, that’s why we are going to share with you some beautiful and modern ideas to make Christmas decoration using T-shirt yarn. With recycled fabric you can make a garland, decorations for the tree, a Christmas messages board, wreaths and other crafts to make your home look nice and warm for the holidays. Continue reading