Candle centerpieces


This warm centerpiece made in crochet with 5 spaces to place candles is one of helenacc’s wonderful centerpiece designs. This artisan works with crochet and fabric to create original ornaments and utilities, and shares the schemes to make them.

Look at these nice ideas for centerpieces or candle holders and if you want to weave one for your house, consult the scheme to make an original centerpiece woven with t-shirt yarn.

T-shirt yarn centerpieces

This first model is a mat for a table which has 5 holes in where the candles are placed in glasses. In the center of the round carpet, a costume jewel is a detail that completes the centerpiece that radiates a warm light at night.



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For this centerpiece, unfortunately, we didn’t find the scheme, but you can see more images of this beautiful work on this link.

This artisan shares the schemes to make another centerpiece with candles in t-shirt yarn as the one we see in the following image.

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The scheme to make a crochet candle holder is by Carmen Rosemann, who in addition to showing us how beautiful her centerpiece is also shares where to find the step by step to be able to make it.

Found the schemes to make this candle holder in Aduoscriptum


You can also see more images of this t-shirt yarn candle holder on the page of helenacc

I hope this information has been useful to our friendly crochet and recycled fabric decorations lovers.

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