Braid of 4 strips

4 strips braid

If you are a beginner using T-shirt yarn you must start practicing with easy projects, one of them is to create accessories with a braid of 4 strips, like these beautiful belts that deliacretaes shares with us.

With a T-shirt yarn braid you can make hair accessories and bracelets, and using a group of braids you can achieve bigger projects like rugs, tablecloths and functional items for your home.

How to make a braid of 4 strips

Making a braid of 4 strips is really easy, first of all you must place the fabric strips in a base and then start to braid the fabric strips as you can see in the next images.





In this way you can create a braid of 4 strips to make different accessories, in this case a belt was made, a perfect complement to use with any outfit.


To make the belt you have to braid the strips as long as you need your belt to be, and then make a knot, cut the excess of fabric and add a buckle. As you can see is very easy and the result is fantastic.



If you want to learn other technique to make fabric strips braids just check Braid of 5 strips

Source: deliacreates

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