Beautiful T-Shirt yarn bracelet


One of the easiest accessories to make with t-shirt yarn is a bracelet to use in one or more colors.


You can also add jewelry and amulets, surely you will have some of those things in your drawer since sometimes they break and we have them stored. You can also use pieces of chains in a random pattern. Try to give it a unique look.


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Let’s transform an old T-shirt or buy a skein of fabric and let’s get started!

If you have no idea how to make a six strand braid, use these instructions:


Step 1: Put the six strips together. Use a small rubber band to hold them together. In the image you can see that they use several colors but in my case I used only one, it depends on you.

Step 2: The threads should be placed like the image shows.

Step 3: Start on the red strip on the left. It goes under the orange.

Step 4: Now take the red strand and go over the yellow one.

Step 5: Starting from the right now, take the blue strip and go over the top of the purple one.

Step 6: Again with the blue one, go under the green strip.

Step 7: With the blue, go over the red.

Step 8: Squeeze all the strips and repeat until you reach the desired length.

Tip – an easy way to remember this:

  • From the left: below, above
    From the right: above, below, above

Remember, you can choose between several colors to make this bracelet or make it with a single color, add details such as pieces of necklaces, jewelry, etc. Apart from using it for yourself, you can also create some to give as a gift to your friend, mother, sister, etc. They’ll sure love it! is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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