Beautiful scarf with rings of fabric


If you are looking for accessories to renew your wardrobe, you can´t fail to include this beautiful scarf with rings of fabric among your accessories. With a couple of old t-shirts and creativity you can get a unique ornament. In the photo the chosen colors are orange, white and black because they are inspired by autumn. However, you can make your own combinations according to your style or the colors that you like.

Kevinandamanda’s blog shares this great idea to make a gift or to pamper ourselves with a spectacular accessory for our wardrobe. Only two materials are needed: a few different colored T-shirts that you no longer wear and a pair of scissors.

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How to make a scarf with rings of fabric

Cut strips of fabric between 3 and 4 cm wide. In the model we are working on, the author used 8 strips per shirt and in total she used 32 rings.


Give each strip of fabric a good stretch to create the t-shirt yarn. So far we have given the instructions to make the fabric, but if you already have material available from other projects or have bought a ball, you should start the work only from the next step, in which we will assemble the fabric rings.


Wind each strip around your hand, going several turns. You must repeat this process 31 times, to be able to obtain 31 rings of fabric.


Cut strips of fabric 5 cm long and tie one ring to another. Little by little you will create a chain and that’s it! Your scarf is ready to wear.

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