Baby accessories made with T-shirt yarn


When thinking about using t-shirt yarn to make a gift to a baby the first thing that comes to mind is a rug, because it can be washed and the child can lie on a hygienic and soft surface to play or learn to crawl. But there are many more uses for the t-shirt yarn when you want to create for children, and today you’ll see some ideas that can be useful to weave with t-shirt yarn for babies.

T-shirt yarn accessories for babies

On the main image there’s a cute bonnet with a woven bow tie for a girl, but you can also make a model for a boy in XXL crochet. It is certainly a good choice, because the woven fabric is warm and has a soft texture, perfect to keep a baby warm.


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Babies like to watch and play with mobiles, and with crochet you can make some very beautiful designs, with intense colors that catch the child’s attention.


A blanket for a baby chair is an excellent idea to make with T-shirt yarn, also, with this material you can weave cushions, blankets and also accessories to line the bed bars or hard surfaces that can be dangerous for children.


Lily lily shares how to make a blanket for a baby chair.

You can also make T-shirt yarn garments for a baby. Here you can see some pretty and fresh sandals for a little girl, really adorable.


This is a model made by createcrafts

Patterns of crocheted bibs can always be found on the web, and you can also make them with recycled fabric. The result is a recycled baby bib hygienic, modern, nice and soft; for sure the baby will enjoy its nice texture.


Here you have a pattern for a crochet bib made by myrecycledbags

To organize children’s toys, nothing better than a basket. And a woven basket is ideal because it’s soft, the child can flex it to look for their toys or carry it from one side to another because it’s very light. If you were thinking of making a t-shirt basket and you also need a toy organizer johkunlainen shares a pattern for this kind of XXL crochet project.


Of course, you can always make crocheted toys for children with the amigurumi patterns you have seen on our blog and other accessories for the baby’s bedroom: colorful rugs with animal shapes, fun cushions, lamps and everything your imagination suggests.

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