An amusement park in crochet XXL

An amusement park in crochet XXL

The dream of any child…and any mother, sister or grandmother who loves crochet. In this amusement park in crochet XXL children can have fun at will, while the mothers are very calm (because the kids are not at risk).

Let’s enjoy the happy faces of these children enjoying this super innovative idea, the amusement park in crochet XXL created by Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam, a very creative grandmother.

Crochet games


These games are set in the Hakone Open Air Museum and installed on a wooden structure that does not have any metal fastening.

Everything is made in crochet with thick fabric strips and a special crochet hook, this giant weave took approximately 1 ton of fabric and extraordinary manual skills and creativity.


Of course, the artist works with a team of collaborators, and the games are woven in sections.

These games are made with networks of colors, trampolines, mazes, ladders, swings, climbing nets and pads for pillow fights.


A fun idea that is worth seeing, as it is extremely inspiring. I bet you can make those giants T-Shirt yarn balls with a pilates ball and a few rolls of T-Shirt yarn.

What a surprise we can give our children, right?



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