“Amarraditos” carpets by Paranoarte


I love the name given to these t-shirt yarn carpets in Paranoarte: amarraditos. And it’s the right name because to make these carpets with a flexible grid it’s necessary to tie and tie. A nice name for a solidarity project that’s carried out in Brazil through weaving, art and recycling.

Let’s see how to make “amarraditos” carpets with Paranoarte´s instructions and other very useful tips they share on their blog such as which needles to use, how to make various models, how to combine fabrics, etc.

Paranoarte´s tutorials

Paranoarte is an NGO that -through volunteer work- teaches how to make crafts with surplus textiles and recycled materials, valuing artisan work, popular culture and the environment, and in its blog you can find several step by step to make these precious carpets.

The project consists of improving the quality of life of the communities with a support for the artisan work developed through weavers and artisans who make rugs, cushions, accessories and other pieces through different techniques. It’s a beautiful project to learn and respect the environment.


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How to make “amarraditos” carpets

In this blog you can find several step by step to make “amarraditos” carpets, like this beautiful heart.


In this link you can see the tutorial to make the heart mat

Check out the tutorial of the striped mat in this link

Here you can see how the front and back of a mat looks like is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

Here they teach us about the type of bases or grids we can use

And here you can see the appropriate needles to make carpets

2Tutorial to make a white long hair mat

Bathing suit with “amarraditos” technique


Check out the tutorial here

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Images: trapillo

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