Adorable dolls made with t-shirt yarn and macrame


These beautiful little dolls that Betweenthelines shares with us are perfect to make souvenirs or key rings with t-shirt yarn. Just follow the instructions to make them in a very easy way. This is a simple way to make t-shirt yarn dolls, a friendly manual work with a very nice result.

Macrame dolls

These macrame and t-shirt yarn dolls can be customized to your liking by painting the hair or making wigs with wool or thin fabric strips. Then you can wrapp them up with a scarf made of colored fabric strips.

They are adorable, aren´t they?


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To learn how to make these dolls watch the step by step in betweenthelines blog

An ideal project to make for and with children who will be happy to create characters, paint their faces or customize them to their liking.

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Images: trapillo

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