A fluffy rug


There’s no more pleasant sensation than taking off your shoes and walking barefoot. And even more so if we do it on a thick and soft cotton carpet… If you want to decorate your home with a beautiful and original object, made by yourself, you must check out this tutorial and learn how to make a fluffy rug.


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From the inspirationrealization blog we get this fabulous decoration idea for which we’ll need 8 balls of t-shirt yarn, a crochet needle, scissors, sewing thread and a needle. The material is used as follows: 6 balls are for the body of the carpet and the rest to make the decorative twists that are in the middle.


How to weave the rug:

Start with 52 stitches.

Next, begin to work on the structure of eights. Here’s the link of a pattern in Italian (which includes an explanatory diagram) to carry out this part of the work.

At the edges, we knit with stockinette stitch (also called “midpoint” or “plain”) and reverse stockinette stitch.

Did you have any doubts? In the following link you will be able to find information on how the author of this work solved some problems that were presented to her with knitting, changing the pattern a bit with ingenious tricks.


Finishing this project takes a bit of time, but you won’t regret the result. Get started today and create an original rug to sit on or just to add a personalized touch to your home décor.

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Images: trapillo

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