5 practical uses for T-Shirt yarn (and for the patches)


I bet you, like me, haven`t thought about giving T-Shirt yarn remains other practical uses like making a brush to remove dust, or other original ideas we will see today, such as making skin exfoliating wipes.

There are practical and beautiful uses that you can give to T-Shirt yarn and recycled fabric scraps, so give the fabric a third chance, recycling the recycled.

Practical uses for T-Shirt yarn

I found some very practical ideas to use T-Shirt yarn residues. One of them, very useful for grooming home, is to make a cleaning brush as we see on the cover, this is a verdigrisknits’s idea.


With fabric scraps you can also make small sponges with crochet knitting to use as exfoliants.

To line the hangers is a really cute idea, specially if you sell clothing, you can use this idea to show off your creations.


This work is found in the blog of tawnybee.


Some decorative uses of recycled fabric are also very practical, as the idea of knitting crochet squares, perfuming them and give them as a Christmas gift.


Finally, this is a cute craft to guard the tables and decorate our house. They are the inevitable coasters.

If you know any other ideas to do with T-Shirt yarn or with fabric scraps and want to share, please leave your comments or your recommendations.

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