5 adorable t-shirt yarn projects


This beautiful doll made with yarn is one of the crafts that we can do with this unideanellemani tutorial, but we’ll still see other options to create today with t-shirtyarn: warm decorative and utilitarian objects to give as gifts or ornaments for our home.

Projects to make with t-shirt yarn

To make the doll that we see on the cover photo just check out the step by step by clicking on the previous link. If you liked it, you can do it or see other equally adorable options, like this knitted cactus that will look very nice in a corner of the house.


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This blue cactus made with t-shirt yarn is from siuke. To weave it, we can see a pattern in this fieltruna link and make one or more, like this set of artesanum.


More ideas to create with T-shirt yarn: a lined bottle, very decorative, that although doesn’t have a step-by-step we can weave it following the shape of the bottle, making increases and decreases. We found this design in casema.


T-shirt yarn placemats, an adorable idea and not difficult to make that we can knit following any crochet pattern. This model woven with fabric is made by novita.


This is an option to make a decorative detail to which we can give various uses: a t-shirt yarn starfish that we found in unelmiakeltaisessatalossa. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a pattern, but we can find it in crochet schemes for yarns. Making these t-shirt yarn decorations takes only a moment and we can use the t-shirt fabric scraps that we have left over from other projects.


Now, choose the project that you liked the most and begin to create. ¿What project are you going to make?

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Images: trapillo

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