4 Strips braided keychain


This is a technique to make a braided keychain with 4 strips of t-shirt yarn for which you can use different colors, textures and combinations, in addition you can also add details and pieces of bijou to personalize this handmade keychain.

This t-shirt yarn keychain is made with a 2 strips braid and a ring, but it can be made in several colors of fabrics and finish it with a bundle of fringes, fringes with terminals or other decorative details.

T-shirt yarn braided keychain

To make this keychain take 2 strips of fabric and pass them through the ring, then make the braid as the tutorial shows us.

If you always braid following the clockwise direction you can form a round 4 strips braid.

If you want to make a 4-square braid start making one layer in one direction and the next in the opposite direction.



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Although the twisting is done with 2 strips, the way these are placed at the beginning allows you to join and pull them to achieve other combinations of color, or to combine plain and printed fabric.


Pass a strip on top, another on the bottom, pull the ends and make the first knot. Then continue (to the same side or opposing it, alternating one and one) to achieve a braid of 2 strips, another very simple to make a keychain.





In this way you get the braid adjusted to the hoop and you can give it the length you like the most. Then cut and conceal the cut at one point (use a drop of hot silicone to make a tough and simple finish) or let a beam of strips free to make a detail with fringes.

This is the finished model. If you want to see more images of this step by step to make this recycled cloth keyring, click on this link


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