Monthly Archives: June 2020

Elegant and fun t-shirt yarn cushions (models and techniques)


There´s nothing more decorative and useful than a fabric woven cushion in the living room or bedroom. And if you think about it these elegant models are cheap to make because you´ll use only one coil of T-shirt yarn and using a crochet hook or 2 knitting needles you can make any of these original models of cushions for your home. Continue reading


Purse or toiletry bag: T-shirt yarn mini bag pattern


This is a perfect accessorie to make when you have little fabric left in the bobbin because you can knit it in a short amount of time and achieve a really nice purse or toiletry bag. This tutorial is easy to follow and we share it today thanks to our friends of
Continue reading

Original rugs with fabric leftovers or t-shirt yarn


You can create an original carpet using little balls made with fabric scraps (like the one on the cover photo), and also with crochet can be made original woven rugs (like some of the models you have seen on our blog). Today you´ll see more ideas of innovative design rugs with recycling techniques for XL fabrics and rugs. Continue reading