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5 practical uses for T-Shirt yarn (and for the patches)


I bet you, like me, haven`t thought about giving T-Shirt yarn remains other practical uses like making a brush to remove dust, or other original ideas we will see today, such as making skin exfoliating wipes.

There are practical and beautiful uses that you can give to T-Shirt yarn and recycled fabric scraps, so give the fabric a third chance, recycling the recycled. Continue reading

Warp yarn, recycled fabric frame


A technique for working with recycled fabric is the loom, and with it you can make all kinds of tissues like these wipes we are going to see in this tutorial. These looms can be purchased, but also can be made by hand with a cardboard or with a table and brads. Look how cute is this way of doing crafts with fabric strips that alphamom show us in this work for Earth Day. Continue reading

Ecological advantages of textile recycling


Recycling fabrics provide a use of these materials that otherwise would exacerbate the environmental problem of waste. Furthermore, it is a shame not to take advantage of this material since T-Shirt yarn is made with the excess of fabric coils.


Textile recycling has many advantages. The estimated annual textile consumption is 10 kg per person and this figure is equal to the waste material, if we add the excess of the factories the volume is huge, so you have to keep in mind that T-Shirt yarn, the thread recycling and recycling of clothes in general is a creative addition to a commitment to creating environmentally friendly materials. Continue reading

Stitch to embroider with T-Shirt yarn


T-Shirt yarn embroidery is an excellent choice when decorating with recycled fabric. With diverse kinds of stitch you can achieve very beautiful decorations on pillows, rugs, lamps, throws and most diverse objects imaginable.

Today we are going to look at some ideas to decorate cushions with T-Shirt yarn embroidery and a stitch you can use to do it. Continue reading