10 practical objects to make with T-shirt yarn

10 practical objects to make with T-shirt yarn

Why using a common towel when you can make one with T-shirt yarn and use it as a practical and decorative object?

You have seen that with T-shirt yarn several objects can be made, like, jewelry, accessories and decorative objects like baskets and rugs. But other uses include braiding fabric strips to make practical objects to help in home tasks and the same time decor our home.

Practical T-shirt yarn objects


This is a practical idea to help cleaning the house: T-shirt yarn fringed shoes to wax the floor. Although this is an unconventional idea, is really practical and original.


Here we have another practical object that serves as a decoration for home: a crochet basket to keep clothespins near when you are making laundry.


A friendly idea to decorate the bathroom or the kitchen is to make a T-shirt yarn towel using crochet or braiding the fabric.


With the same technique you can make a mat to support pans or other objects used in the kitchen.


If you have a cat or a dog this object is just for you: make a bed for your pets using T-shirt yarn, this is a nice way to make a space to keep your pets comfortable.


A really useful idea is padding and lining the upper part of a pair of scissors to make them comfortable to use.


Also you can make an accessory for the sewing box: a t-shirt yarn needle case to organize your needles and pins.


These are 10 practical objects you can make with T-shirt yarn in a little time that can help you in your daily activities and decorate your house.


If you want to check out more ideas go to 5 practical uses for T-shirt yarn (and for the patches)

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