Special accessory for runners


It’s common that when we go out for a run we get a runny nose and our face begin to sweat. Logically we can’t stop on the way to get a towel… So what better than to have something that allows us to solve this problem immediately without stopping the rhythm? Thinking of those who don’t want to stop moving, today we bring a special accessory for runners made with fabric. Continue reading


T-shirt yarn jewelry models


T-shirt yarn is an ideal material for making various types of costume jewelery since it can be molded into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. That’s why today we are going to give you some ideas of models of t-shirt yarn jewelry to inspire you and so you can start adding these designs to your creations with recycled fabric. Continue reading

Necklace with little roses


Elegance and originality combine to achieve this beautiful necklace with small roses, a fashion accessory that is a must have among your accessories. Make yourself this model of necklace using T-shirt yarn and bias tape, which will give distinction to your look without spending money. Continue reading


Tips to work with T-shirt yarn

Consejos-para-trabajar-con-trapilloIf you are a beginner, perhaps working with t-shirt yarn may be a bit difficult because this kind of yarn is bulky and, although it’s elastic, the volume of the fabric can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why today we are going to give you some tips to work with t-shirt yarn, which will surely make it easier for you to carry out any project with this material. Continue reading


Bread basket made with fabric (“accordion” style)


Do you want to share a distinguish table by decorating it when you receive guests to eat? So, you can’t miss this excellent idea from inspicreatives. We suggest you to create an “accordion” bread basket made with t-shirt yarn. In addition to being original and beautiful, it has a good capacity so you can fill it with enough bread for many guests. Continue reading


How to weave a tablecloth on a loom

Cómo-tejer-un-mantel-de-trapillo-en-un-telarIn the kitchen it’s ideal to have small tablecloths on hand in which we can place containers (especially if they are hot), and tablecloths made with t-shirt yarn are ideal for this function. A loom is one of the easiest techniques used when weaving with fabric and that is why today we are going to teach you how to make a simple loom so you can make fabric tablecloths. Continue reading